Water Girl Continuous Mist Bottle

Granna's Vintage Nest

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The Turquoise Iris Water Girl Continuous Spray Bottle

Unlike normal pump spray bottles the Water Girl Continuous Spray Bottle continues to produce a fine spray even after the plunger has been released. This means you avoid the inconsistencies and large droplets that happen when using most spray bottles. Perfect for reactivating our DIY Paints for beautiful blending techniques and part of The Turquoise Iris Collection by Paint Pixie.

Size: Appx 10in Tall, holds appx 12ounces of water (more than other brands)
NOTE: First prime it by pulling the trigger a few times and then go over the surface you wish to cover side to side continuing to press down on the trigger every second or so. To refill the sprayer, simply pull and twist the head to release it. If you have well water or hard water, we recommend using distilled water, well... if you have the hard water you know what it can do